The Future of the Earth

Lots of scientists have already predicted that earth is going to be destroyed  because of the action of people. How can we know that the earth is already going to be destroyed? We can see it through the signs that the earth is showing.

For example, glaciers in the North and South Pole are already melting. This means that the earth’s atmosphere is being destroyed. The atmosphere is destroyed only if there are many unnecessary smokes going into the atmosphere and we are the cause of this one. This is why we are now suffering from climate change and Global Warming causing the glaciers to melt accordingly.

Fishes in the sea and sea creatures are dying. The seaweeds and reefs are disappearing. What does this mean? This means that the marine world is also being abused.

There are landslides from the mountain. Landslides happen when there are no trees that could hold the soil and rock. Why? Because trees are cut down.

There are sink holes that happens at times. Why because there are underground tunnel that can not support the surface of the land already. This makes it possible for the crust to collapse.

Seeing all these signs, we can see that the earth is already dying. While the earth is dying, some countries are making nuclear bomb to bomb the surface of the earth, so it really means that people are not worthy to stay on this earth. If humans are doing such things, then it is reasonable for all mankind to vanish in the twinkling of an eye.

What should we do then? Why not restore the things that the word looks like by planting trees and cleaning our surroundings and avoid making war? If this is possible, it would be a nice.