Apply 4 Rs to Save Earth

Recycling actually does not go normal in every way. You can always make things possible. In order to recycle, the product should be recyclable. Like, the plastic bottles, you can use them as flower pots. Another thing is the wrappers into good baskets, purse or whatever stuff we want to make through weaving. There is always a way to recycle our stuffs especially the non biodegrable materials. It is okay for biodegradables to be thrown because they will rot.

Reusing is one thing that we have to practice in our life. Of course, not all things can be reused but as much as it is possible, then we have to reuse things. For example, we used  water for washing, we can use it to water our plants so that we can conserve water because there are billions of  people needing water. Also, the clothes that we want to throw, it can be reused by giving to the needy for as long as it is still good to look at.

Reducing is another way we can save our earth. Human beings naturally want to buy something. However, sometimes we just buy things that are not useful for longevity. We have to train ourselves to say ‘no’ when we are tempted to buy something. Business is business, even if you do not buy, someone will buy it. If we know how to refuse, that is the time, garbage and trash will be reduced.

Repairing is very necessary. If you do not repair broken stuffs and reuse it, then you come to buy another that will a trash someday. For as long as it is repairable, and reusable after being repaired, why not do it?

These are the practical ways we can help our world to survive.