Save our Planet

Where there is problem, there is a solution. The problem is on this earth, so we can find the problem here. Actually, humans cause the problem on this earth. However, there is always a possibility that the earth will be plundered. It is true that our life have become developed and our lifestyle has been upgraded but the consequence is so bad that our planet is slowly being destroyed.

How sad!

However, we can not really say that we have to stop our advancement in technology and industry because this is probably the world is destined to. Then, even if we can do such a thing, there is something that we can slow down the degradation of this earth.

Recycling things is one way we can preserve the beauty of our planet. Without recycling, the world will have no enough  have garbage and trashes. This is why there is always a movement in every country to impose recycling and reusing.

Another thing is that we have to know how to dispose our garbage properly. In fact, there is a government work to collect garbage from different areas so that they will throw them in a designated place. Why don’t we cooperate? Why do we have to use rivers, banks and other vacant lots as a dumpsite? Everything creature will die there if this wicked thing does not stop. How then can we make the earth prolong its life?  If humans do not do anything, then there is no way to let the future generations live a happy and healthy life.